Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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yomama53: What's it like being executive producer for the largest television series on the whole freaking east coast?

Jeff Conroy: I don't know - I haven't had time to think about it! It's awesome. This show has been a great adventure for me as well, and I'm just really proud of it. It's amazingly rewarding.

farleyck: What is the most weirdest thing that you have ever seen happen since you have been doing the show?

Jeff Conroy: I'll have to think about that...Well, I tell you, it's weird to me to be with some of these captains in the streets of Los Angeles or New York and see the amazing response the public has. If you meet these guys, they're crab fishermen. To see that in some ways, they've touched the general public almost like a celebrity - that's weird to me. But cool!

bobbittlee: Has any attempt been made to track the crab biomass in their migration movements. I just wonder about the captains and their struggle to stay on the crab, with the GPS and other techno advancements.

Jeff Conroy: The Department of Fish and Game does do some tracking. I know they do test pots every year. to kind of keep track of them, and those reports are available to the crab fishermen. A crab fisherman will tell you it's not an exact science - you have to use a lot of instinct.

dietzboy: Have you ever been seriously scared on the boat? Tell us where and when.

Jeff Conroy: Not as scared as you might think, because there's something strange - you have such faith in these captains. When you see them in their element, you can tell when someone knows what they're doing. I've been to sea with Johnathan and Andy and Phil, and I wasn't scared. But one time on the Cornelia Marie I had the idea to go out and adjust a fixed camera on the deck. The waves and wind picked up while I was out there, and it was so cold and so slippery, I remember thinking I had gotten into a bad situation. I held on to the railing so tightly to get back into the deckhouse. That was probably the closest I've gotten to being really scared.

Winnkidd2: Do you have chase boats, to keep everyone safe?

Jeff Conroy: We had a chase boat, but you wouldn't be able to keep anyone safe. The Bering Sea is so huge, and the boats are so spread out. We'd track one boat, film it, and track another. They are definitely out there on their own.

PETER: How many hours of film do your camera guys use?

Jeff Conroy: I think the total gets up to, between deck cams and everything, about 5000 hours, maybe even more. I'll have to check. It's a ridiculous amount, let's just say that.

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