Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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siggirl: I have some things I want to send to the producers as well as the guys on the Northwestern. How would I go about that?

Jeff Conroy: The Northwestern has a website, so that's a good bet. Original Productions has a website, and it's I believe if you go there, you can find an address.

dietzboy: What happened to the Aleutian Ballad?

Jeff Conroy: I don't know exactly what you mean by what happened to them. In last year's show they were hit by a rogue wave, and the boat righted itself and was fine. They actually had their last king crab season last fall - I think their boat is retired now.

deb: What happened to the really enthusiastic crew member who shot the plastic bucket that ripped his pants? I think he was on Sig's boat. I didn't see him around this season. He seemed so into fishing.

Jeff Conroy: I think you're talking about Mike, when he was on the Time Bandit. Mike was the one who ripped his rain gear last season. I don't know what happened to him - I wouldn't be surprised if he's back on the Time Bandit next year because he's friends with Johnathan and Andy.

siggirl: If you are indeed open for suggestions, PLEASE keep Sig and the Northwestern and please do not change the opening to Wanted Dead or Alive. It's awesome, gives me chills! Thanks.

Jeff Conroy: OK, done!

CAG: What was the most serious injury a camera man endured?

Jeff Conroy: We've had a number of bruised and possibly cracked ribs. I think that is the worst injury. We did have some teeth get knocked out, but that was at dock. The rib injuries happened several times, and that's not surprising - you have to hold the camera and look at your shot, and the boat is tipping violently, and sometimes you don't have a spare hand to catch yourself.

candlesrato: I saw an episode of the Deadliest Catch out of Mass., will there be any more from the east coast?

Jeff Conroy: I think you're talking about Lobster Wars, and I believe the new season of that show airs in August. We did that show as well - great show! Totally different environment and group of characters - it has its own thing, that's for sure.

Todd: Did Blake ever find the fish that Edgar put under his seat?

Jeff Conroy: He did. And that was one of the shots we missed. He did find it, and it was when we were asleep. I think Ed Green, the greenhorn on that boat had something to do with finding it. They just smelled it, and eventually they started tearing up the wheelhouse, and that's how they found it.

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