Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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dlgordon8: When do you actually start filming? Is king crab season the next one?

Jeff Conroy: Yes, king crab season is the next and generally that starts around Oct. 15. So we get there a couple of days before the season.

AB_Thames: Why don't you follow the boats through cod or other fishing?

Jeff Conroy: I think the nature of crab fishing, the way each pot tells a story, each pot is either make it or break it makes for interesting stories. We have covered cod in the past, and we may do it again. Crab fishing is so exciting that we may consider other fisheries.

Crabhappy: I love the show, the guys, and watching the experience. But, it's way too long until the next season. Have you thought about expanding the season by filming on more boats?

Jeff Conroy: That's an interesting idea! I appreciate that and I think there is something nice about having a break and anticipating the next season. I think it makes it more special this way.

Brian: Has the change from rally style to a quota system changed the way you look at the show, from an entertainment standpoint?

Jeff Conroy: Yes. The change to rationalization made it more of a character-driven show because the guys fish longer, and you can follow these guys and learn more about them. When it was a derby, it was only 2-3 days and that was it, so you really didn't get a chance to see as much.

dc_fan_1: How did the idea for the After the Catch show come about?

Jeff Conroy: That came from Discovery. We loved the idea, and always wanted to tell the stories that we never had time to tell. So as soon as it came up, we jumped on it.

Tonytn36: First, this is the best show on TV, period. The mini-series After the Catch is great. Please don't commercialize the show like many of the other networks have. How much film footage gets left on the floor at production time?

Jeff Conroy: First of all, commercials pay the bills. We hate to have them, but it pays the budget for production and allows us to get out there. If you think about it, I guesstimated that we had about 5000 hours of tape, and the shows are only 12 hours total. So that makes 4,988 that don't get used. A lot of hours!

Summer79: Would you ever want to be a deckhand?

Jeff Conroy: You know, I don't think I would. I love the adventure, and this is something that's cool about crab fishing - it's kind of like going to camp in my mind. It's a brutal camp, sure! But you go to sea, you eat whatever you want, you don't have to go to bed or take showers, you can hang with the guys. So there's a fun thing I think is attractive. But my hat goes off to these guys - this is a tough job. There's no easy version of being a deckhand on a crab boat.

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