Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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Cherokee: Are there any females on the camera crew?

Jeff Conroy: There are on land. We had a female go out on the first season, but not since. They have not asked us not to send women. Sometimes they had women on the boat that are the Fish and Game observers. A good portion of the Fish and Game observers are women.

Wildmikey: Was it more difficult to film after the fleet was trimmed?

Jeff Conroy: No, it wasn't any more difficult to film. We can't be on every boat, so we're on a limited number anyway.

dc_fan_1: Does the crew chip in for food and supplies on the ship?

Jeff Conroy: Yes, we definitely do. We pay for our food and supplies.

Jenny: Do you have any input in the deck hands? Seems like you screened the captains and the boats, but with the turnover of deckhands each season, it seems that there would be the risk of getting those that are there for the camera and not the crab.

Jeff Conroy: We don't have any say in the deckhands, and I actually like it that way. That captain on the boat is the captain of his boat, and he should be deciding who goes on it. I don't think it's happened yet that a deckhand has been there just for the camera.

nichtijo: Was there a lot of damage to the Time Bandit?

Jeff Conroy: There was a significant amount of damage to the Time Bandit. I heard Andy saying that years ago, he had suggested reinforcing the bow, and Johnathan had been "No way!" and when they got back, Johnathan said, "Maybe we should put on that bulbous bow and reinforce it!" So I guess the circumstances changed his mind.

zebo0916: Do you believe that this was the wildest season yet?

Jeff Conroy: Yes I do. Two obvious reasons for me are that we saw two people get plucked from the ocean, and I think that's pretty wild.

NYMETALHEAD: Do any of the captains or crewmen get upset with any of the scenes you choose to air?

Jeff Conroy: I think yes, they do at times. In the process of telling an honest story, we're not all perfect all the time and people don't want to see a side of themselves that isn't ideal.

grease_monke: What do you need to do to stop the cameras from freezing up?

Jeff Conroy: There really isn't anything. We've tried a number of things, and none has been completely successful. We haven't had a problem with them freezing and shutting down - water is a bigger issue. If you watch Behind the Scenes, you'll see a cameraman chipping the ice off his camera.

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