Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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nichtijo: Are the captains truly the way we see them or do they tone it down at all.

Jeff Conroy: Depends on whether you think what you see on TV is "toned down"! There's a spirit of Alaska, and a spirit in the crab fishing world, along the lines of take me as I am. Love me or hate me, this is the way I am. And I think that attitude comes through in the show.

Cherokee: Have any crews declined having cameras on board?

Jeff Conroy: Yes, definitely. It's a business, after all, and you have to be wiling to have these people not interrupt your business, but be in your business.

Michelle: Thanks for the great show, I think there are a lot of people emotionally attached to these guys like I am. Do you give videos to the guys on the boats? I bet the families would love to have the memories.

Jeff Conroy: We don't give up the footage, because we tend to keep using it and finding new ways to show it. We don't give out the DVDs, but I bet the captains have them already!

ghostrider39: Did you like when they played pranks on the boats?

Jeff Conroy: Yes, I think it's pretty funny. But that's got to really be between them. For us, we're just there to film it. I think it's funny though.

mustangman58: Hey Jeff, I noticed footage of the boats on the Bering Sea and learned the Time Bandit is the "chaser." Why did you choose them as the "chaser"?

Jeff Conroy: The Time Bandit had a smaller quota to catch so they could catch it faster.

Rebecca: What is the most important lesson you have learned from these captains and their crews?

Jeff Conroy: That's a good question. There can be only one person in charge. And hard work pays off.

Discovery: Jeff, thank you for being here tonight, and for bringing us the stories of Deadliest Catch! Our time is almost up, but is there anything you'd like to add, before we have to close?

Jeff Conroy: It may sound corny, but I'd just like to thank the fans and the people who watch the show. It's really a labor of love for me and my crew, and you watching makes sure we can do it again next year. So I just want to say thanks.

Discovery: Thanks so much for joining our weekly Deadliest Catch chats. We hope that you have enjoyed them and learned more about the fishermen and their amazing craft.

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