Johnathan Hillstrand’s On-Line Chat Transcript 07 May 1

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jeffh2379: What do you look for when hiring a greenhorn?

Johnathan Hillstrand: A young guy that's been in the fishing business. I don't really look for greenhorns.

easterngirl8: Have you ever hired a woman to work on your boat?

Johnathan Hillstrand: No.

dmrcoast: What's your favorite crab dish ?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Just crab right out of the pot, fresh cooked.

Floyd_C: From a former fisherman to you, from what I have watched on your show, it seems to me that the colder the water, the better the chance is that the crab are in the shallows. Am I right? I fished in the tropical waters off the coast of Florida.

Johnathan Hillstrand: Yes, that's right. They like to stay at the same temperature.

kingnothing2: What is the best prank you have had pulled on you by one of the other captains?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I'd have to think about that one. I don't really have one, they don't mess with me because they know we'll get them back.

sisters: Capt, are you married?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Nope.

Katie: What do you guys do in the downtime that you do have?

Johnathan Hillstrand: We do whatever we want. We don't have nothing to do, go wherever we want. Every day is a Saturday I guess.

Taxidanzer: They always say "275 miles from Dutch Harbor." How long in hours does it take to get out there?

Johnathan Hillstrand: A day and a half, 34 hours. A mile for us is a long way, it doesn't seem like far to you but when you're out on a boat, going up and down 30 foot waves, a mile's a long way to go in the ocean.

Katie: Who's the better captain, you or Andy? :-)

Johnathan Hillstrand: Of course I'm going to say me! We're both good, we're both a little bit different. I trust Andy with the boat any day and I never thought of who's better.

cinderella: Have you ever lived anywhere other than Alaska? Why Alaska?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I was born in Alaska, lived in New York for a year, went to high school in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and then went straight back to Alaska after high school. I have a house down here in Washington, too.

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