Johnathan Hillstrand’s On-Line Chat Transcript 07 May 1

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sexynurse1: Do you guys fish for anything else? Besides all the crabs?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Yes. I fish salmon in the summer, with my gill netter. The boat never stops. The boat goes to Kodiak for herring, then Bristol Bay in the SE for salmon.

odiesmama: Hello Johnathan, you and your crew are true heroes, the organization and response time during the rescue was incredible. How often does the crew do these rescue drills?

Johnathan Hillstrand: We do them before every season. Usually before king crab we do them with the Coast Guard. They come on the boat and they're a lot of help. They simulate a fire and we have to find it and put it out. It makes it more real. Nothing can prepare you for when it really happens. My legs were shaking for two hours after pulling Josh out of the water, from the emotions.

Debbie: Do you go somewhere warm when it's not crab season? Do you ever think about moving?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Yes, I go somewhere warm as much as I can. I don't like being cold. I'm going to sell my house this winter and move somewhere warm, but I'll always live in Alaska during the summer. It's a perfect 60-70 degrees. It's beautiful.

mark: How many years can you expect to fish like this?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I probably have ten more years in me maybe. I don't know. Hopefully, I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up by then and start doing that.

ScottMI: Finding crab seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. What are your general rules/guidelines you use?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I always cover depth on opening day. You don't want to set all your gear in one depth. It could be real good or real blank. Usually when you cover depth you'll run into something and then grind on what you find. Don't listen to radio crab. They're even harder to catch than real crab!

Saudi: How many generations of your family have been fishermen?

Johnathan Hillstrand: This is the second.

jtd: Have you wanted to take your crab dance on to the "Dancing with the Stars" TV show?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Funny! I don't know, is it that good?

cren110: What's your favorite band?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Probably the Steve Miller Band; can listen to their whole album.

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