Johnathan Hillstrand’s On-Line Chat Transcript 07 May 1

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acur2321: Hi Johnathan. What kind of Harley do you ride?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I have a Dyna Wide and a Fat Boy. My Fat Boy is for speed not for cornering. I have nitrous hooked to it, it runs about 300 horsepower.

Queen_E: Being a woman, I want to know about clothes. What type of shoes do the deckhands wear so they don't slip and slide all over the boat?

Johnathan Hillstrand: XTRATuf is the only boot. All the other boots I've tried have been too slippery.

BanditBuddy: What kind of car do you drive?

Johnathan Hillstrand: I've got Chevy trucks. I'm a Chevy man.

Cindi: How, if at all, has being on the Discovery Channel changed your life?

Johnathan Hillstrand: It's pretty much the same. I just get recognized once in a while. It's pretty much still the same, I'm not in town much. I stay pretty busy.

buffettfan: You mentioned your brother Dave was on the boat nine years ago with you that day you pulled the guy out of the sea that didn't make it. Where is your brother Dave now? Does he still fish?

Johnathan Hillstrand: He works on the Slope, he's one of the main guys. He does not fish.

Sarah_B: How old were you when you first got on a crab boat?

Johnathan Hillstrand: 8 years old, my dad let me go on my first trip with him. I was the master baiter, the bait guy. :-)

crssqre74: When you're on land, do you miss the sea?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Yes, I have to have water around me.

phillyphan: How do you keep in touch with loved ones while out at sea? Satellite phone? Email?

Johnathan Hillstrand: We pretty much don't but we do have a satellite phone. It's pretty expensive and it's really for emergencies for the boat. You pretty much don't want any news when you're out there. Getting bad news is not going to do us any good out there.

brad: How much does your ship weigh??

Johnathan Hillstrand: 298 tons.

BanditBuddy: Where do you take your vacations?

Johnathan Hillstrand: Mexico, Hawaii. That's about it. I have to get a passport!

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