Phil and Josh Harris’ Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

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Firedawg: Phil, I'm in the USAF and fly the GPS Satellites. It's really cool to see how you use the positioning from them to not only navigate but I'm sure that's what you use to determine where your pots are. Just wanted to tell you that after being deployed to the desert a few times I still think what you do is a heck of a lot dangerous. Hats off to you guys.

Phil Harris: For starters, my hat is off to you and my thoughts and prayers are with you guys in Iraq. The guys that are the real heroes are the guys that are over there defending our freedom. I really mean that. We use the GPS like people use food. That's our main everything. We have GPS for the radar, GPS for all four computers that are in front of me, and we have a tracking system that goes straight to the government so they can follow every move we make. If there was one piece of equipment we lost, the most devastating would be to lose the GPS. We'd be out of business.

Tblaise: How do you set up the pots to catch different species of fish or crab?

Phil Harris: Interesting question. The pots generally are the same: 6 1/2 feet by 7 1/2 feet, and 33 inches deep. There's a tunnel ring in each side where the crab can come in, and hopefully not come out. We can change the size of the tunnel ring. For king crab, the tunnel rings are wide open. When we fish opies, we block part of that opening so no king crab can get in. The opening is 2 or 2 1/2 inches high so an opilio crab can scamper in there, but a king crab couldn't.

Discovery: Thank you for being here tonight to answer all our questions about life aboard the Cornelia Marie! Do you have anything to add, before we have to close tonight's chat?

Phil Harris: I'd like to thank everyone for their participation, and for watching the show and being interested in what we're doing. It's probably the most flattering thing that will ever happen to me in my life — to have people come up and shake my hand and tell me they're interested in what I'm doing. That's as flattering as anything could be, and thank you very much everybody.

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