Phil and Josh Harris’ Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

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Kitten007: Hi Capt. Phil, Jake and Josh. I wanted to know what your favorite memory on board is?

Josh Harris: I'd have to say just hanging out with the family and continuing the family tradition. All the Harris clan together - it's quite something.

Phil Harris: Wow. You know, I really don't have a favorite one. To me, it's all work. There's some fun things that happen, but it's not a situation where you can really relax and enjoy things. A good memory to me is when it's calm out and you're hauling pots and they're full. Having my kids on board is a fond memory. But things are just way too intense to just sort of sit back and think about what's fun.

Itcusn: Josh, is it really that hard to work for dear ole dad?

Josh Harris: (laughing) When we're on the boat, he's not really Pop - he's the captain. I like working for him. The only other person I'd work for is my grandfather.

FishNRings: Josh, what do you think you learned most from your father about crab fishing?

Josh Harris: How to stay alive. That's probably the biggest thing. A lot of old school stuff. It's all about being smart on deck, and staying alive. The man knows this stuff - he's been doing it for years.

Whitelion: Josh did you ever get the hang of the opilio season?

Josh Harris: Oh yes, I got it very well. It ended up working out pretty good. It was confusing at first, but the season lasted so long - longer than king crab - that I got the hang of it.

Flipper: Do you have a girlfriend and what does she think about your job?

Josh Harris: I had a fiance, but unfortunately the job has kind of taken precedence right now, so that ended just recently.

JakeisMyMan: Hello Phil, Jake, and Josh! I absolutely love you all. You make every episode hilarious! Have you heard that your family dynamics are being compared to the Simpsons? What is your opinion of that comparison?

Josh Harris: Wow! (laughing) That's definitely an interesting comparison, and I haven't heard that yet. But I guess with all the humor running in the family, it's definitely comparable.

Phil Harris: Well, I think that's a pretty good comparison. We have my dad, the more serious one that keeps us in line. Then there's me, and I'm a bundle all by myself. Throw Ding and Dong in there, and besides making my life a living hell, they gang up on me. You have to take it with a sense of humor or it would drive you absolutely batty.

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