Phil and Josh Harris’ Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

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Mystic: Howdy Harris family. Capt. Harris, does having your boys on board affect your decision making in any way, i.e. are you more cautious when it comes to weather, for instance?

Phil Harris: No, having them on the boat doesn't change my thinking process. I have my 2 boys, but the other guys on the boat have been with me for years and years. I kind of relinquish my power over the boys when we're on the boat to make it fair so no one can say they're the skipper's kids. I leave it to Roger and Murray to leave them alone. I don't play favoritism at all - it wouldn't be fair to the guys or to the kids. I just have to go with whatever I'm dealt with and treat them the same. I dearly love everyone on that boat.

Kdewberry: Are you tougher on your kids than the crew members on your boat?

Phil Harris: I think I probably am tougher on the kids because I want them to be able to walk off that boat being a half share guy Meaning I want them to be able to work on my boat and work for me, and I can teach them so if they went on another boat they'd be a full share guy. So yes, I am tougher on them than I would be on somebody else.

Patty: Is it tough to train a greenhorn?

Phil Harris: Training a greenhorn is probably one of the toughest things on a boat. 99.9% of the guys can't do it in the first place and they get scared. And seasick, of course - I think a lot of that is just being scared. They're out there and away from mom and dad and family and friends, and nobody can help them. They're alone out there in the real world of crab fishing and they have to make it or break it. A greenhorn will do a lot of squirrelly things because he's scared.

Bassga831: Hi Phil, are you still building custom bird houses since your big TV success?

Phil Harris: They are bird feeders, and I haven't had a chance in the last couple of years since my divorce because I don't have space to do it. But it's very relaxing for me to go in the garage with the dog, turn some music on, and create something from wood. I'm not a carpenter inclined type of guy, so I'm amazed at how they turn out.

Drerab: How many months are you out to sea per year?

Phil Harris: For the last few years, we've been spending a lot of time because of the way the seasons are structured. Right now, it's probably 8 months out of the year.

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