Phil and Josh Harris’ Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

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Taz: The last two seasons the Cornelia Marie seems to have had a lot of mechanical problems. Is this typical what with the weather conditions, etc. or just bad luck?

Phil Harris: When you think about it, we actually haven't had that many problems. There were engine problems on Season 2, and the second time it happened was because it wasn't quite fixed properly the first time. The propeller problem we had: we'd taken the propellers off the boat and had a gentleman work on it intensely to make sure they were in top shape and properly tuned for the boat. That gentleman made a mistake, and did the whole procedure wrong. The propellers on that boat are very high tech, and he obviously wasn't in tune with the kind of metal that they're made of. So it wasn't the boat's problem; it was a problem with the guy putting in his two cents' worth. Generally we don't have problems like we did that second season.

Krystalseer: You are involved in a lot of rescues. Have you have ever lost a crew member of your own?

Phil Harris: Yes, I lost a guy about 20 years ago off my dad's boat. I have been in a number of rescues. One year I picked up 22 guys, I think, out of the water. I've been in numerous situations where I'd have to grab hold of a boat to keep it from going on the rocks, or involved in a search and rescue, looking for survivors or bodies.

Bamagirl73: When you were approached about doing this show, did you really think America would be so hooked on watching you fish for crab?

Phil Harris: Absolutely not! I was surprised that anybody would care what we're doing and how we're doing it. To this day, every day that goes by, I'm just amazed that people are interested in what we do and how we do it.

BKelly: What tastes better in your opinion, opie or Alaskan king? Or are you so sick of crab by the end of the season that you don't even bother?

Phil Harris: I don't like crab, king or opies. I think it's because I ran a catcher processor once and I had to eat crab every day. There are machines to control the salt and get the taste right, but we still had to taste it to make sure everything tasted OK. So now I'm so sick of crab. Give me a steak any day!

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