Sig Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 8

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Dutchman: What were you thinking when Matt came to you and told you about his court date? Were you worried that you wouldn't make it? Were you mad?

Sig: My first instinct was to slap him! That's the truth. But I was surprised that Matt had kept that from me. On the Northwestern we try to keep our personal lives at home and try to fish with a clean slate. The fact that he did that did bother me, but at the same time, it didn't surprise me. We've been down that road before. But I don't hold that against Matt. I value him for his performance on deck, and to me that's number one on our boat.

Opi: How does this season compare to past seasons in terms of the weather that you faced and the catch?

Sig: King crab had its ups and downs, but the weather was fairly decent for the most part. This winter for opilio was frigid cold. I think some of the footage you'll see later will show that. But fishing, as far as weather, is always up and down. You never know one day to the next.

Kccomment: Do want your children and grandchildren to be crab fishermen or will crab fishing go the way of the cowboy?

Sig: I don't want to see crab fishing ever go away. If my children or grandchildren would like to do it, I'd never stop them. I'd like the best for them. I'd like them to go to college, but at the same time there's a part of me that would like to see them become fishermen. When I was 18, I did entertain the idea of going to college because all my friends did, and the response I got from my father was, "Are you crazy? They're making money up there!" So I never went to college, but yet I have no regrets.

Sigrox: Hello, do you see yourself fishing 10 years from now?

Sig: I see myself fishing 20 years from now.

Lori: Providing the Northwestern is "on the crab" which is more important for a successful season - high standards of performance, or an environment that promotes teamwork?

Sig: Environment that promotes teamwork, definitely, if there's crab in the area.

Kayjayday: Love your boat, love the crew. What happens when you have filled your boat full of crab and you're at the end of your string (only a few pots left), do you pull the last pots and dump the extra crab overboard?

Sig: If the season is still open, we just let the pots sit. If we're racing for closure, we have to race through the pots and empty them. Timing is everything.

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