Sig Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 8

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The7thDrunke: What are some of the ways you stay awake when in the wheel house?

Sig: I can stay awake for days on end if I'm excited about every pot that I pull. I've stayed awake for just over 3 days. And yes, you do drop off from time to time but basically coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate is my diet. It works. And being stubborn never hurt either.

Rhoberta: The show has given people a better understanding of the crab fishing industry. Are there aspects of life on boat or the industry itself that you feel were overlooked?

Sig: The industry is delicate and politically we're on edge. The show doesn't touch on a lot of those aspects. I can see that it possibly couldn't — it's too intricate to get into. But I think with the public awareness, eventually that will come around. As far as what we do in our day to day life, I think they portray us quite well.

RANGER2D: Was also wondering what you thought of what Blake did as far as giving away secrets. You all seem like a close knit bunch, but is that a no-no??

Sig: I would say that was cardinal Rule Number One that was broken. If Blake is going to fish with partners, then he needs to gain their trust and their respect. The little I know or from what I've heard, I have to make that assumption. But being new to the game, I suppose we can give a guy a break. Once. And only once!

Trblcmn: I know your price for crab has declined over the years, have you noticed any fluctuation since "Deadliest Catch" started?

Sig: The price of crab has fluctuated due to supply and demand. As far as the notoriety from "Deadliest Catch," it's been nothing but positive. I've been in Boston and Chicago for seafood shows and conventions, and I hear nothing but good things from the buyers and restaurateurs and people on the other end. I think this is a very positive thing. I'm glad it happened.

Cren110: Hey Sig, you are my family's favorite captain. Every time we eat crab we think, "I wonder if this was caught on Sig's boat." How much do you think the biggest crab you have ever caught weighs?

Sig: I've seen over 20 pounders. There are different areas in Alaska that haven't been filmed yet where the king crab are actually larger because they have a larger gene pool. That would be out west on the chain toward Adak, for example. But for the most part, they're big enough for me.

Ttommy farrel: How do you always catch the most crab?

Sig: We've been fortunate the last few years. One thing I've noticed is that if the fleet hear of a hot spot, they tend to huddle together and fish that area the next year. We've been sly in venturing in the opposite direction and finding crab elsewhere. I think a big advantage in doing that is even if there's less crab per pot, there are less pots to compete with. That makes your average better and you can fish in an area longer, hopefully having a better season in the end.

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