Sig Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 8

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Texas: Hi Captain Sig, what is the funniest thing that Edgar has done?

Sig: Besides embarrassing me on Leno? A lot of the things they film at sea are a riot, but Edgar and the gang have quite a bit more to offer on land. To be perfectly honest, if I told you some of the things they've pulled while we were on the beach celebrating, we'd probably end up in jail! But you get the picture

RANGER2D: Sig — LOVE your crew!!! Was wondering how you and your brother REALLY get along on the boat. I thought it was the funniest part of the season when Edgar messed up and he said "Edgar bad..."

Sig: When Edgar first got on the boat, I had already advanced to the wheel house, so we never got to work much together on deck and I never gave him a break or any special treatment. So I think we just grew up that way, with this mutual understanding. Now we all know that it's business out there. There isn't any animosity between us, or not much. But we do know what the bottom line is, and for that reason we try to get along. We do have our differences, though.

Renegade: I noticed a link to the 100 Years of Motorcycles Rally on your website. Do you or any of your brothers or crew ride?

Sig: Matt is a motorcycle fanatic. My brothers and I rode dirt bikes as kids. After I started fishing, I shied away from motorcycles. I knew that if I got in an accident my fishing season would be over, so I stopped riding for the same reason I stopped skiing. I valued my job more than my play.

Wi dave: How much money do you have tied up in computers and GPS on the Northwestern? How have things changed over the years?

Sig: Radars can go from $10,000—30,000. GPS and computers are in the thousands. I can't say off the top of my head overall. Things have changed for the better. The electronics are more detailed, and it's easier to run a boat. It also makes it easier when you have crew members on watch because it makes it easier for them to navigate.

Fatman: Before GPS and other electronic devices how did they find the pots?

Sig: Before GPS we used Loran—C. Before Loran—C, they used Loran—A. A lot of times, when you'd fish close to the beach, you'd use radar bearings. You take two points and find your strings in that manner. I had to do that myself, and it's not easy.

A1afla: Hello Captain. Could you tell me how common rogue waves are and what's the largest one you have seen?

Sig: Rogue waves are common, especially during the peak of a storm and after. They're not necessarily big. A rogue wave to me is more of a freight train coming at you, Waves are usually synchronized, and a rogue wave comes with all its power out of the blue. It has a different force behind it. They suck!

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