Sig Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 8

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Gregg: Are the crab fragile? The deckhands sometime are standing on them to get them in the tank.

Sig: For the most part, no, they're pretty resilient. You need to be careful with the nose on a crab so you don't break it off. If the nose is broken, the crab will bleed to death. And when one dies, the one next to it dies too, and it's a domino effect.

Jazmin22: Have you ever lost a member of your crew? How does a tragedy like the one that happened the first three days of the season affect your mentality?

Sig: We've been fortunate not to lose anyone. As I said before, that's one of our greatest accomplishments. When I hear about a tragedy at sea, it's different for me than it would be for a television viewer. You're hearing it for the first time; I've heard it all my life. Don't get me wrong — accidents like that will always happen, and it's a shame. But just like driving down a highway, things can happen. I think the fleet and their safety standards are as good as they're going to be, and we try to better ourselves every year. And the Coast Guard are a big part of that.

Jclark4929: How do you maintain your edge? Being awake for 30+ hours must take its toll.

Sig: It takes its toll, but the truth is the harder I work, the better I feel. There's a feeling of accomplishment like no other, and that's why I love my job. No one tells me when to start or stop. It's something most people will never experience.

Aanth: Do the crab cages have GPS or some type of radio frequency so that they show up on your captain's screen?

Sig: When the pots are set, depending on your plotter, you can set a string which is just a line, or you can mark them individually. I still like to go old school and write most of the bearings down in a notebook. In case the machinery fails, I have the coordinates.

Buffettfan: Would you ever consider working on deck while Edgar captains the boat?

Sig: Absolutely. I miss the deck when the pots are full. There's nothing like it. Keep watching the show — you may be surprised!

Gingerb71: You guys do such a great job! Thanks for bringing a piece of it to us each week. Can you explain more about partner boats? Do you have partner boats? If so, who are they?

Sig: I don't fish with partner boats so much any more. There are always captains that I speak with, and we may compare information, but not to the extent of others. I've learned over time that my partners can lie to me just as much as I will lie to them. And the bottom line is you're better off finding your own crab. But if we do need help, there's always someone out there that may set you in the right direction.

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