Sig Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 8

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Jim FLA: Sig, could you briefly explain how the pots are tied/chained down? Thank you.

Sig: The pots are tied with two pot ties. About a 5/8ths tie, 2—3 feet long just to hold them in position on deck. When you stack on top, you do the same. The chains are put on just to stabilize the stack so that it slows the movement down, because the pots do sway back and forth. It's an eerie feeling when you're up there.

Wrangler253: Greetings from NJ. I was wondering if you, you brothers and the rest of your family have any place in particular you like to go on your time off for a vacation.

Sig: We try to go to Norway once a year. Our grandmother is turning 100 this summer, and that is our roots. Other than that, we don't get out too often. We've been to Hawaii and Disneyland and the like, but Norway is our main concern.

Ages: Do you find that the cameras change the dynamics? Does your crew act differently? Does it affect the productivity of the boat?

Sig: No, absolutely not. I think that's why we seem to have come across well. The cameras are there, but we are more concerned about our fishing and that's what they like. And they know better. If they tried to slow us down, they wouldn't be there, I can promise you that!

SideShowJenn: Hi Sig — love love love you and Edgar!!! What kind of effect do you feel global warming is having or will have on the crab fishing industry?

Sig: It's interesting you bring that up. Scientists claim the ocean temperatures are rising, and to a point they have in Alaska. Yet over the last year, we have seen a major bloom in the crab populations. So as far as the ecosystem is concerned, I have a hard time believing so far that there is cause for concern. But I'm a fisherman — I have to think positive.

Bassgal831: Hi Sig, how's the quitting smoking thing going?

Sig: (laughing) Tried it, 3 days. Got hypnotized. Now I know it's stuck for 3 days, and hopefully I can make it the next time. But haven't set the date yet. Maybe for next year's show, I can go head to head with Phil and do a no smoking segment.

Wildheart84: Who is your favorite band?

Sig: I can listen to anything from country to rock. I don't get a lot of music up there. I absolutely will not play music in the wheel house. I think it's dangerous, and I know a lot of captains do it but it's just something I don't believe in. So I'm not around as much music as people might think.

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