Andy Hillstrand

posted: 04/11/12
Captain Andy Hillstrand
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Captain Andy Hillstrand
Andy Fires Back

Opilio crab Captain Andy touts himself as the more reasonable of the two Hillstrand captains, and this very well may be true.

Andy has overseen many difficult Opie seasons punctuated by ice, including one close encounter where the Time Bandit almost rolled over — under the weight of 10,000 pounds of frozen spray — as he steamed into port. Ignoring the advice of his older brother Johnathan, Andy was able to recover their pots and navigate the ice, despite his sibling's backseat driving.

Andy is often called to take on more responsibility during King season — especially in the engine room.

Although stern when he needs to be, Andy is just as excitable as the next Hillstrand, sharing the same tastes for fun as his brother.

When Andy isn't aboard or working on the Time Bandit, he lives in Virginia with his fiancé.

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