Chris “Whipper” Welch

posted: 04/11/12
Chris "Whipper" Welch
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Chris "Whipper" Welch

As the younger brother of the Seabrooke's captain, Scott Campbell, Jr., Chris is a fisherman with extra pressure on his shoulders.

With only a few seasons of crabbing under his belt, during which he quit the boat mid-season a couple of times, "The Whipper" holds an up-and-down track record with the Seabrooke.

In fact, after Season 8, Junior decided he would not hire Whipper again. But having made amends, his brother is back in action and excited about it. Chris knows he might butt heads with his older brother quite a bit this year, but he also knows that aboard the Seabrooke, Junior is boss.

At his best, Whipper is an?integral part of the hardworking crew, often providing levity with a snarky comment or playful razzing of his brother.

With the Seabrooke aggressively moving on all cylinders to increase its reputation, Chris may have questions to ask himself about his future. Is he a career crabber who can extend the family's legacy, or will he get outworked by the more hardened, no-nonsense veterans?

During his off time, Chris and his wife run a restaurant and bar in Weston, Oregon, but they want to invest in real estate.

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