Captain Casey McManus

posted: 06/09/14
Captain Casey McManus
Captain Casey McManus

Casey McManus has been captaining the Cornelia Marie since the summer Josh bought the boat back in 2014.

From a long line of fisherman, it is Casey's experience and expertise that keep the Cornelia Marie running, both figuratively and literally.

Last season, he tried to step back to allow Josh to spread his wings and learn the role of Captain. However, Josh's reluctance to dive in headfirst left Casey doubting whether Josh has the ability, or even the desire, to take the mantle of Captain.

Increasingly frustrated by what he sees as Josh's indifference, Casey continues to be the de facto leader of the ship, doing all the work and getting none of the credit.

Now, banking on an increase in quota and a renovated boat, he is focused more than ever to prove that the Cornelia Marie is a force to be reckoned with. As far as he's concerned, it's his boat; Josh is just along for the ride.


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