Deckhand Jake Jolibois

posted: 04/11/12
Jake Jolibois
Jake Jolibois

Jake Jolibois, who learned to fish from his father, has been on the water for over 14 years. He has fished everything from salmon to cod to crab.

He once had a fierce allegiance to long-time friend Captain "Wild" Bill before parting ways with the Kodiak in Season 8. He continued his career as a crab fisherman, and spent a summer cod fishing with Captain Elliott on the Saga, but left that boat to join the more profitable Cornelia Marie as a full-share deckhand.

Jake hasn't had much of a break this year, working about 200 days, as the Cornelia Marie now runs full time under Casey McManus. He's excited about the big money this season, and like many fisherman enjoys the short king season and the big money Opies.

Jake likes Captain Casey and claims he runs a good ship, while occasionally struggling with lazy greenhorns. He also has good words for owner and co-captain, Josh, who cuts him his nice big check. He keeps his nose out of any business between the Casey and Josh.

But Jake has broken down physically and mentally on many occasions in past seasons when the going got tough, so it remains to be seen whether he can keep up for Opies.

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