Deckhand Scott “Scotty” Hillstrand

posted: 04/11/12
Scotty Hillstrand
Scott 'Scotty' Hillstrand

Scotty is another member of the Hillstrand clan. Since his dad, Johnathan, was hardly around, Scotty strives to be more involved in raising his own son Sawyer.

Last Opies season, Scotty's uncle, Andy, fired him off the Time Bandit for trying to lease the rest of their quota after a devastating breakdown. Once a frontrunner as heir to the Time Bandit, Scotty couldn't stay away from the Bering Sea very long.

After hearing Scotty wasn't on the Time Bandit anymore, Josh Harris scooped him up for his kings season. However, Scotty is unsure if he wants to come back for Opies this season.

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