Deckhand Travis Lofland

posted: 04/11/12
Travis Lofland
Travis Lofland

The oldest crew member on the Cornelia Marie, Travis has worked on both the Wizard and the Time Bandit, where he fell overboard at dock during Season 8.

That incident put a lot in perspective for Travis. He realized he didn't want to work on deck forever, so he took a hiatus from crabbing for a year. He used that time to race speedboats and start the process of acquiring his pilot's license.

But, he couldn't stay away from the Bering Sea for long. Once the season began and he started seeing the guys post photos on Facebook, he knew he'd be back.

Always full of energy and goofy antics on deck, he's a fisherman through and through. He loves fishing king crab "cause it's over so damn fast hauling 7 pounders."

Travis took little time off this year and spent the summer months tendering on the Cornelia, and this crab season he'll step up as engineer as well as head cook (or in this case chef) of the fishing vessel. In fact, Travis's cooking is so good he landed himself on Food Network's Chopped Reality Stars episode. Travis was crowned the winner and took home $10,000 for his charity Seattle Fishermen's Memorial.

Travis has an outgoing personality, but there's also a salty side to this crewman.

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