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posted: 04/11/12
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Last year's new boat in the Deadliest Catch fleet, the Kodiak was more like an old school gunslinger returning to town to lay down a claim. It's captain, Wild Bill Wichrowski, had spent most of his life resisting pressure from fish and game officials, regulators, and political types who never seem to give up trying to "civilize" Dutch harbor, its crab fleet and Bering Sea fishing. Coming back to cold waters from the warm seas of Mexico, the old pot slinger reappeared to the crab game to find he had grown rusty, but no less ornery. He even stayed frosty toward his newest greenhorn, Zach, his own son. Setting out, the Kodiak quickly stumbled, and had to hail friends to help get on the crab, while relations between the crew and skipper grew sour. Wild Bill then blew into Opies hoping to improve on his King performance. His luck improved somewhat, but his attitude toward his subdued, hard-to-nail-down crew still needs a lot of work.

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