Elliott Neese

posted: 04/11/12
Captain Elliott Neese
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Captain Elliott Neese

Elliott Neese is the youngest captain in the fleet, but he's no rookie to the high seas.

He began fishing at age 12 and, at 19, ran his first cod boat. He's been coached by some of the best captains in the fleet.

Elliott says he runs a tight ship and expects hard work and dedication from his crew. Even though he's young, Elliott cuts his crew no slack, and keeps them on a tight leash both at shore and at sea.

Elliott has been known to leave the wheelhouse in the hands of his deck boss and go down to the deck to throw the hook.

Last year, Elliott ?aimed to prove to the fishing world that he was not only ready to be a?successful captain, but a successful boat owner as well with his purchase of the Saga.

Elliott fishes eight to 10 months a year and gets through the long, grueling hours by looking at pictures of his two young children.

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