Freddy Maugatai

posted: 04/11/12
Freddy Maugatai
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Freddy Maugatai
Meet Freddy Maugatai

Since joining the Wizard, Freddy has seamlessly meshed with the stout crew. The first one on deck and the last one to leave, this Samoan stud's work ethic is exactly what Captain Keith wants in a deckhand — though that doesn't mean Freddy is a no-nonsense guy himself.

A former hand on the Cornelia Marie, Freddy brings a positive energy to the Wizard crew, embodied by his cod blood bath ritual at the season's start and the Mohawk haircuts he gives his fellow deckhands for good luck.

Freddy wears his emotions on his sleeve and his attitude is a good barometer for the mood on deck. He's known to be particularly harsh on greenhorns, but for the most part Freddy has a fun-loving attitude that helps alleviate any stress on the Wizard's deck.

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