Josh Harris


Josh Harris, Deckhand, Time Bandit

Josh Harris joined the Time Bandit last season with hopes of learning under one of the most successful operations in the fleet.

All King season long, he talked at tedium about his goal to buy and captain his own vessel, but took little initiative beyond manning the bait station. It wasn't until the end of the season Josh finally showed his chops both working the stack and winning the Time Bandit's string setting contest.

He certainly showed progress during the Opilio season but now he will have to really step up his game not only to someday captain his own boat, but more importantly earn the respect of his current crew. Johnathan and his crew were not pleased that Josh left before the season’s end and without a thank you.

This will be a pivotal year for Josh's career because the bare minimum is not acceptable on the Time Bandit and this may be his last shot.

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