Captain Josh Harris

posted: 02/17/15
Captain Josh Harris
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Captain Josh Harris

A lot has happened since we last saw Josh Harris get the polite boot off the Time Bandit.

As well as being the father to a nine-month-old baby girl, Kinsley, (which makes crab fishing look like "kid stuff") Josh can now rightfully claim the title, "boat owner."

Although cameras were not present, 2013 King crab was the first time Josh got back on the boat, and he mainly spent his time in the wheelhouse learning from mentor, Casey McManus.

The Time Bandit had a short and smooth run without any major breakdowns, and Josh is counting on their good fortune to continue with Opies.

Being an owner has forced Josh to juggle the responsibilities of being a manager to friends, roommates, and his brother. By far, the most difficult aspect of the job is paying for it all. They weren't lying when they said "boat" stands for "break out another thousand."

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