Mike “Milton” Bouray

posted: 04/11/12
Mike 'Milton' Bouray
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Mike 'Milton' Bouray

At 57, Milton has been a mainstay on the Bering Sea for over 27 years.

Described by a greenhorn as "a straight-up sea lark that's been at sea his entire life," he amazes the people around him for his ability to keep up with a grueling pace at such an advanced age.

Mike spent most of his career fishing for Junior's father, the Colonel, and has been present for the full arc of Junior's captaincy with the exception of last season. He helped teach Junior everything he knows about the deck, including mentoring him on a prior boat.

Weathered and tough, Milton remains a dependable stalwart vital to the Seabrooke's operation — but as he and his family are growing older, Mike hopes this will be his last year crabbing.

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