Mike Fourtner

posted: 04/11/12
Mike Fourtner, Deckhand, Time Bandit
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Mike Fourtner, Deckhand, Time Bandit

Another native of Homer, Alaska, Mike started fishing on the Time Bandit when he was 18. In 2006, he got married and took a year and a half off.

Mike returned to the Time Bandit during the 2008 King Crab season, resuming his role as a skilled deckhand and engineer. Widely regarded as talented, hardworking and good-natured, Mike now lives in Washington state.

Mike's work ethic and knowledge led the Hillstrands to temporarily name him the next Time Bandit captain last year — an offer they quickly pulled back. The repeal didn't seem to bother him too much, but in 2010 Mike bought a salmon boat in Bristol Bay, which took him away from the Time Bandit for the summer.

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