Nick “Sunshine/Moonbeam” Tokman

posted: 03/25/13
Nick 'Sunshine/Moonbeam' Tokman
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Nick 'Sunshine/Moonbeam' Tokman
"College Student My Ass"

Nick's path to fishing is not like most crabbers in the fleet.

Two and a half years into college, Nick felt the need for more adventure in his life and decided to move to Alaska to learn the fishing trade. From the minute he heard about Captain Sig and the Northwestern, his goal was to someday join their team.

So after spending summers in Alaska in other fisheries, and graduating from college in Canada with a degree in business management, Nick landed his dream job aboard the tightknit Norwegian vessel. Nick immediately proved resourceful on deck and was given the nickname "Sunshine."

This past King season, the Time Bandit took Nick on after the Northwestern rehired Jake Anderson, but it took some time before the crew embraced his quirky spirit.

Johnathan christened Nick "Moonbeam" after his midnight prank on the Northwestern.

At sea, Nick's enthusiastic spirit for learning rubbed the Time Bandit crew the wrong way at first, but he eventually earned their respect and was offered a full-share position. He's still mastering the hook, and has a ways to go, but look to Moonbeam to lighten the mood.

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