Nick Mavar Jr.

posted: 04/11/12
Deckhand Nick Mavar
Nick Mavar, Jr.

Nick comes from a family of Croatian fishermen. As a teenager, he started fishing for salmon with his father and brothers in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Nick signed on for his first crab fishing season when he was 18, but the harvests at that time were so poor that he returned to his family's traditional operations. Twelve years later, he tried crab fishing again and decided to stick with it.

He's been a crew member on the Northwestern for years, but in the summer he returns to Bristol Bay as captain of his family's salmon boat, the Miss Colleen.

Even-tempered Nick helps balance out all the big personalities of the Northwestern, which he's been doing since they were kids. You'll never see Nick lose his temper or pick a fight -- although he doesn't shy away from expressing his opinion, most notably this past bairdi season when he expressed disappointment in Edgar as captain, claiming he would never work for him again. In another honest moment, Nick conceded that last season was one of the roughest he had ever weathered on the Bering Sea, compounded even more so by Sig's near-fatal heart attack.

While Nick is a reliable deckhand with tons of experience, he recently turned 51, so his days on deck are numbered, and witnessing Sig battle for his health has prompted him to put his career and life in perspective. Nick is also a seasoned captain with a salmon boat of his own, and when Sig's back is against the wall, Sig calls on Nick for fishing strategy and advice.

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