Deckhand/Engineer Mike Pereira

posted: 06/16/15
Mike Pereira
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Soon after graduating high school in 1999, Mike found himself on a dock in Homer, looking for work as a half-share greenhorn, and the rest is history.

Now, Mike is a Bering Sea fishing veteran with 7 years experience as an engineer not only on crab boats, but for cod, herring, and salmon fishing as well. He has also worked on the Cape Caution (before Bill took the reins) and the Time Bandit.

When he isn't working out at sea, he sometimes takes construction gigs. Mike was called aboard mid season last year to replace engineer Mike Vanderveldt, and he's returning as the boat's engineer. He and Elliott played hockey together in high school, so the two go back a long way. He is newly married and is expecting a kid in May.

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