Captain Jake Anderson

posted: 04/11/12
Captain Jake Anderson of the Saga
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Captain Jake Anderson of the Saga
Jake Anderson's Next Chapter

A fourth generation fisherman, Jake Anderson has always lived close to the sea. Born in Forks, Washington, he grew up in the fishing town of Anacortes, Washington, surrounded by generations of fishermen. Raised in this rich environment, Jake took to the sea at an early age with his uncle Brian Mavar.

At 17 he was fishing salmon off Bristol Bay in Alaska, at 20 he was on a trawler processor and at 25 he began pot fishing. Just one year later, he became a greenhorn on the F/V Northwestern.

The past couple of years have heralded a lot of change for Jake. He welcomed his first son, Aiden, into the world and he finally achieved his dream of captaining a boat. These milestones were a welcome change for the recovering addict who has faced many trials over the course of his life: His sister's sudden death, his father's murder, an opiate addiction -- Jake has overcome a lot in a short time.

For his first king season, the rookie captain tried to set an example by painting his own boat, but was embarrassed in front of his crew when Sig & Company dunked him repeatedly in the drink. Shortly thereafter, Jake retaliated by teaming up with the Cornelia Marie to set Sig down.

And for opilio, Jake was determined to prove himself and bolster his reputation in the fleet. Notorious for having a short fuse, Jake did not hesitate to let his deckhands know when they failed to meet his standards. Under mounting duress, Jake and his crew struggled to stay on top of their quota. Malfunctioning hydros further contributed to their woes, and Jake ultimately had to return back to harbor short of their desired quota -- humbled, but not defeated.

As the new season nears, the young skipper knows he has to catch the crab in a timely fashion, or forgo his spot at the helm of the F/V Saga.

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