Deck Boss Jeff Folk

posted: 03/26/13
Jeff Folk
Jeff Folk

Two seasons ago, Elliott brought back veteran crabber Jeff Folk to help keep his deck in line and he has been a welcome presence ever since.

While Jeff has been crabbing since 1985 -- and has run numerous boats on the Bering Sea -- his biggest challenge at sea might be keeping Elliott in line.But that's what he plans to do, along with the help of Elliott's dad, Mike Neese. "I can usually tell when he's trying to get [drugs], so I'll try to stop him," Jeff says. "And if he does run into trouble, I'll take over so he can get well."

About 17 years ago, Jeff came to the bizarre discovery that he was allergic to opilio crab -- extreme bouts of asthma and itching kept him from working with the creatures. Despite this, he tried his luck on deck last opilio season (when he was supposed to be in the wheelhouse as relief skipper) -- and he suffered no allergy attacks. So he's taking another chance this opilio season -- but first he needs to get through king season with Elliott. Hopefully he won't randomly develop an allergy to king. Or Elliott.

Even though he's 47, age doesn't affect how much Jeff enjoys the hard labor of working on deck. He's especially happy to be fishing with his pals from Homer, Alaska.

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