Nick “Sunshine” Tokman

posted: 03/25/13
Nick Tokman
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Nick felt the need for more adventure in his life, and decided to move to Alaska to learn the fishing trade.

From the minute he heard of the Northwestern, his goal was to someday join their team, and Nick got a rare job on the tight knit Norwegian vessel. Although he's goofy, he immediately proved resourceful on deck and was given the nickname "Sunshine."

In Season 10 kings season, the Time Bandit took him on after the Northwestern rehired Jake. Johnathan christened Nick "Moonbeam" after his midnight prank on the Northwestern.

The only crew member returning from last year's Opies season, Nick remains deeply loyal to Jake. He says he trusts Jake 100% to run the boat, and wouldn't be on the boat if he didn't; he wants to be his support.

Sunshine is eager to learn and looking to take on more responsibility this season. He hopes to get more time in the engine room and a lot more time at the hydros. Look to him to lighten the mood, and be optimistic.

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