Relief Captain Ray Flerchinger

posted: 06/18/15
Ray Flerchinger
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Ray has a boat of his own and is not interested in being a long-term skipper on the Saga. He is here to teach Jake and help wherever needed.

Ray has fished for 37 years and has been a captain for 23 years on boats including the Alaska Trojan, Kiska Sea, and Bering Hunter.

Ray sees himself as a father figure to Elliott, who was on deck when he captained the Trojan. Ray cares for Elliott, but says Elliott has caused him great heartache. He says Elliott is like himself as they are "their own worst enemy."

He doesn't know Jake Anderson well but is eager to show him the ropes and how being a captain is more than knowing how to work the plotter -- it's about leadership. He perceives Jake as inexperienced from what Jake has told him, but says he wants to help. He wants the crew to get along and is worried about the boat holding together -- specifically the main engine that wasn't rebuilt last year, and the plumbing. Ray describes himself as very easy going, and says his main goal is to get Jake up to speed. He thinks Jake will be a fine skipper. At first he will take it slow with him, but after the first trip Jake will be largely on his own.

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