The Saga

posted: 03/19/15
The F/V Saga

After Captain Elliott Neese's departure due to substance abuse, last year marked the first time that Captain Jake Anderson would helm the boat for the entire crab season. Wanting to begin the season with a fresh start, Jake cleaned house and stacked his deck with a new team. Additionally, Jake made aesthetic changes and renovations to the boat in an effort to rebrand it under his newly-minted command.

Despite the promising outlook, the Saga had a rough start: Jake's friend Jaime busted the coiler at dock, causing the boat to be late for king season. With gritty determination, Jake was able to grind through king and bairdi -- but not without some help, as usual, from his relief skipper Ole Helgevold.

Opies season also presented its share of challenges, and Jake once again found himself falling behind on quota. Beset with setbacks -- most notably temperamental hydros and issues with incompetent deckhands -- Jake and his crew eventually conceded that they would not meet their deadline.

Humbled by the experience, the Saga might be down, but not out, and looks to rebound this upcoming season.

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