Zack Larson

posted: 04/11/12
Deckhand Zack Larson
Zack Larson

As a member of Wild Bill's bloodline, and now the oldest on the crew, expectations for Zack as a fisherman are very high.

Zack grew up in Woodinville, Washington. At the age of 13, he got his first taste of the Bering Sea when his dad invited him to Alaska for the salmon tendering season. The following summer, he returned for another season in Port Moller.

After graduating from Cedar Park Christian High School, Zack studied biology at Seattle Pacific University, and then worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for three years.

At the age of 25, he reunited with Captain Wild Bill on the sea. In 2010, Zack returned to commercial fishing aboard the F/V Kodiak, one of the boats featured on past seasons of Deadliest Catch. He spent two and a half years aboard the Kodiak as an integral part of the vessel's crew.

When Captain "Wild" Bill took the helm of the F/V Cape Caution in 2012, Zack joined him.

Initially, Zack struggled to embrace the life at sea and he threw in the towel multiple times. Last season, Bill encouraged Zack to step up and ask more questions in the wheelhouse, in hopes of Zack being able to one day take over his operation, but friction ensued and their season ended with a big blow-up.

Wild Bill's way of doing things isn't Zack's way -- which could keep Zack out of the wheelhouse more than anything. Despite Zack helping his father this past summer, his future is unknown. It is still uncertain if Zack will work with Bill again, or if they have parted ways for good.

When not fishing, Zack splits his time between Seattle, Washington and Mexico. He enjoys playing sports, watching professional sports, and staying as active as possible. He has two younger siblings, Jake Wichrowski and Delia Wichrowski.

According to Zack, as long as he is near the water, he will always be happy.

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