Jacob “JJ” James

posted: 03/18/16
Jacob James of the Wizard
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Jacob James of the Wizard

JJ came to the Wizard with no commercial fishing experience, through a recommendation by former DC deckhand Mike Fourtner. He didn't know any knots and the biggest wave he had ever seen was below his knee on a lake.

What he lacked in experience, he made up for with his enthusiasm. He survived Kings season, but not without the usual greenhorn blues ("the work is tough, the pain is constant, and I'm everyone's whipping boy").

During bairdi season, JJ began to assert himself on deck and became embroiled in a feud with another deckhand Paintchips over bait station responsibilities. The conflict came to a head when JJ froze Paintchips' boots, prompting Captain Monte to intervene and cool the rivalry.

As the new season approaches, and with Paintchips gone, the crew expects JJ to make strides on deck and fulfill his responsibilities -- but it remains to be seen if JJ has matured enough to be up to the task.

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