Thomas Marcisso

posted: 04/19/17

A graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, Thomas comes to the Wizard high on education, but low on fishing experience.

Recently, Thomas worked on a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. He initially heard about engineer opening on the Wizard through a friend of a friend. Although Thomas has traveled in big seas, it has been aboard large vessels, so he does not know how he will fare on a smaller ship and anticipates that he might become sea sick.

Though Thomas got his feet wet as the engineer of the Wizard during salmon tendering, this upcoming Kings season will be the first time that he has gone crabbing. Despite being the ship's engineer, Thomas expects to work on deck, most likely at the bait station, which is typically reserved for the lowly greenhorn.

Joining the old-school Wizard deck, Thomas represents a new generation of fishermen -- highly educated in maritime academics, and complete with license -- but lacking the nuts-and-bolts practical experience accumulated from a career at sea.

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Thomas Marcisso
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Thomas Marcisso of the F/V Wizard
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