The Wizard

posted: 03/18/15
The Wizard
Capt. Keith's Take: The Wizard

TYPE: Former YO-153 class Oil Barge

POTS: 250

BUILT: 1945 - Brooklyn, NY

HOME PORT: Seattle, WA


The Wizard prides itself on being a workboat, never stopping and never sleeping. If you cannot keep up, you will be replaced or left behind.

Kings season started out rocky: Keith was too intoxicated to drive the boat out to the grounds, and engine problems had the boat steaming back to port just hours into the season.

Paired with the loss of veteran deckhands Freddy Maugatai and Lenny Lekanoff, the Wizard braced itself for a rough and challenging season. Despite some growing pains, the deckhands of the Wizard were able to step up into their new roles, and the boat was able to meet its king quota. However, the celebration was short-lived as bairdi season ushered in a new host of challenges.

Unable to locate fertile grounds, the Wizard initially struggled, grinding on low numbers while slipping further behind on quota. With an ever-shrinking margin for error, greenhorn inexperience further handicapped their progress, much to the frustration of captain and crew. After Monte assumed the helm mid-season, the Wizard eventually bounced back, both in crew morale and crab count.

This season the Wizard is primed for success, but questions remain if the captains and crew can keep it together to weather the many upcoming storms.

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