Deadliest Catch: Season 9 Episodes

posted: 08/27/14


Episode 1: Mutiny on the Bering Sea

It's October in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and after a devastating 2011 Opilio season, every ship in the fleet -- including two new boats -- is looking to make a comeback in the 2012 King Crab season. But it won't be easy for any of them. Premiered Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

VIDEO: No Walk in the Park | King Crab Season Begins | A Hansen Family Tradition | Andy's Finger Gets Smashed

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POLLS: Will Edgar Take Over? | Elliott's Redemption Year? | First Boat to Finish?

Episode 2: Dagger in the Back

Keith and Junior form an alliance, but will it last? The Northwestern crew knocks out their rocky string but then faces a surprise challenge. Elliott finally debuts his new boat on the dangerous blue crab grounds. Premiered Tuesday, April 23, 2013.

VIDEO: An Alliance Is Formed | The Northwestern Scores a Knockout | Captains Communicate in Code | Elliott's Taste of Success | Between Two Crab Pots

GAME RECAPS: Week 2 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLLS: Does Bill Have the Right Crew? | Is an Alliance a Good Idea?

Episode 3: Blood in the Morning

On the blue crab grounds, brutal competition leads to more deceit amongst the captains. Serious injuries plague the fleet, and Junior's betrayal of his alliance with Keith comes back to haunt him with potentially lethal consequences. Premiered Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

VIDEO: Lenny Takes One to the Face | Kerby Fails at the Rail | Josh Harris Gives Tough Love | Elliott Goes Radio Silent (Deleted Scene)

GAME RECAPS: Week 3 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLLS: Will Junior's "White Lie" Haunt Him?

Episode 4: The Crooke & The Tangler

On the crowded blue crab grounds, a high seas showdown between the Saga and Seabrooke takes an unexpected turn. And on the Northwestern, Captain Sig must make a tough decision about his brother's future. Premiered Tuesday, May 7. 2013.

VIDEO: Elliott and Junior Butt Heads | Andy Teaches Axel How to Throw

GAME RECAPS: Week 4 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

Episode 5: Judgment Day

Five weeks into the king crab season, change is in the air and on the Bering Sea. Big moves are made on some boats while it's the same old story on others. Still, the hunt for the elusive blue crab is on everyone's radar. Premiered Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

VIDEO: Sig Hands Over the Helm | "Wild" Bill and Zack Clash | Zack Gains Confidence on the Hook | A Northwestern Tradition (Web Extra)

GAME RECAPS: Week 5 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLLS: Will Edgar Hansen Succeed as Captain?

Episode 6: Fist to the Face

On the Northwestern, Jake's dark secret sets off a fistfight that throws Edgar's new captaincy into jeopardy. Tempers flare on the Saga and Seabrooke when Elliott grows wise to Junior's devious ways. Premiered Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

VIDEO: Tensions Flare on the Northwestern | Fight on the Northwestern | Waves Pounds the Seabrooke (Web Extra) | The Wizard Strikes Gold (Web Extra)

GAME RECAPS: Week 6 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLLS: Does Jake Deserve a Second Chance?

Episode 7: Goodbye Jake

As King Crab season comes to an end, life-changing decisions must be made. The captains of the fleet pull up their last pots while young Jake Anderson struggles with his decision to leave the Northwestern, and Josh Harris plots to buy his father's old boat. Premiered Tuesday, May 28, 2013.

VIDEO: Jake Anderson Says Goodbye | "Wild" Bill Throws the Hook | Crab Pot Goes Bye Bye | Edgar's Maiden Voyage a Success

GAME RECAPS: Week 7 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Will Jake Regret Leaving the Northwestern?

Episode 8: Kicking Off With a Bang

Chaos kicks off the 2013 Opilio season as these gladiators of the Bering Sea lace up for their biggest money season. An accident on the Time Bandit has the crew racing for shore, and Jake Anderson gets a not-so-warm welcome aboard his new boat, the Kiska Sea. Premiered Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

VIDEO: Jake Anderson's New Boat | A Hurricane is Coming

GAME RECAPS: Week 8 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Would You Bite Off a Fish's Head for Good Luck?

Episode 9: The Storm of the Season

A Category 4 storm has landed on the fleet two weeks into the Opilio Crab Season. As the first pots come aboard, some captains are dialed into the crab while others are off their scent -- but they're all struggling to stay afloat. Premiered Tuesday, June 11, 2013.

VIDEO: Mikey Mitchell is Lovestruck | Rogue Wave Strikes the Saga

GAME RECAPS: Week 9 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Did Mikey Make the Right Decision to Return Home?

Episode 10: Sleeping With the Enemy

Survival is the name of the game as the fleet battles their way through a ferocious arctic storm. Junior takes a huge risk in order to get back in the game, two greenhorns struggle to fit in with their crews, and Elliott's problems on land continue. Premiered Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

VIDEO: Do NOT Mess With Freddy

GAME RECAPS: Week 10 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Would You Get a Mohawk if Freddy Asked You?

Episode 11: We're Not Gonna Take It

The fleet's weathered the storm, but the crabs are still off the bite. Desperate to make their offload dates the captains mercilessly grind their crews. Not making any money, the deckhands start to get sick of being bullied. Premiered Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

VIDEO: Freddy Has It Out for Greenhorn | Greenhorn Fights Freddy Maugatai | Time Bandit Lands on Dirty Crab | Sig Gives Fatherly Advice to Zack (deleted)

GAME RECAPS: Week 11 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Did Freddy Go Too Far in Harassing Dane?

Episode 12: Listing Lover

The crews and battered boats are feeling the brunt of one of the hardest Opilio seasons on record. While some crew members battle potentially catastrophic breakdowns to stay on the grounds and keep fishing, others throw in the towel and call it quits. Premiered Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

VIDEO: Freddy Won't Let Up on Greenhorn | The Fall of a Wizard Greenhorn

GAME RECAPS: Week 12 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

POLL: Was Elliott's Decision Not to Clear Ice a Good One?

Episode 13: So You Wanna Be a Boat Owner...

Midway through the winter crab season and the Bering Sea is taking its toll on the boats and the men. The northern-most boats are in a race to save their gear as the polar ice pack descends on the fishing grounds. Premiered Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

VIDEO: Ice Claims a Northwestern Crab Pot

GAME RECAPS: Week 13 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

Episode 14: Ship of Iron, Men of Steel

With only three weeks left in Opilio season, the fleet prepares to make the final push to wrap up their seasons. Captains battle weather, equipment and their own men in a sprint to the finish, but nothing comes easy. Premiered Tuesday, July 16, 2013.

VIDEO: Rogue Wave Pummels the Wizard

GAME RECAPS: Week 14 Video Highlights | Full Scoring Recap

Poll: Was Robby's Choice to Work While Injured Wise?

Episode 15: Man Overboard

After enduring months of mechanical breakdowns, sleepless grinds and infighting, the fleet is starting to crack. And when deckhands on the Wizard are unable to lasso a floating walrus carcass, one man takes matters into his own hands. Premiered Tuesday, July 23, 2013.

VIDEO: Freddy Dives Onto a Walrus | "College Student My Ass"

GAME RECAPS: Week 15 Video Highlights

POLL: Did Freddy Go "Overboard" With the Walrus?

Episode 16: The Final Battle

The younger generation is put to the test as the fleet races to finish a grueling Opilio season. As defiance on the Wizard turns brother against brother, an accident brings one crabber's career to a gruesome end. Premiered Tuesday, July 30, 2013.

VIDEO: A Season of Insanity | Zack Makes His Dad Proud

GAME RECAPS: Week 16 Video Highlights

POLL: Is There Hope for the Future?

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