Transcript of March 7, 2006, Online Chat with Mike Rowe

posted: 04/11/12
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Yak, Mike. Mike, Yak. Mike.
Troy Paff Blaine Fisher/Getty Images David Welcome to our live chat with Mike Rowe, host of "Dirty Jobs." He's ready and willing to answer as many questions as you can ask in one hour's time. So ask away. Stay tuned for more new episodes of "Dirty Jobs" this month, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Mike Rowe: So I'm in my hotel room somewhere outside of Harrisburg logging in with mere moments to spare. Please ask me something fascinating.

Funkinated: Wanted to know if you've ever really harmed yourself doing these things AND are you SINGLE? I'm a lesbian, but find that you are so attractive.

Mike Rowe: Interesting. I, too, am a lesbian, trapped in a man's body. I live in constant pain. Several stitches recently removed from left calf. Toenail on right front toe growing back after being stepped on by cow. Cracked rib healing nicely. Limp almost unnoticeable. I take as many precautions as I can, but they are never, ever enough. All part of the glamour.

kileismydirtyjob: Being the mother of your unofficial mini-Mike, Kilemikerowe, I would like your advice on his future. As of right now he wants to be a "poo poo truck driver" or a "backhoe operator." I always had a broader, cleaner idea of his future employment opportunities, but right now you are his superhero and you are who he will listen to.

Mike Rowe: Don't despair. It's always best to aim at something easy to hit. In time, aim can be adjusted and your son can aspire to whatever floats his boat somewhere down the road. For now, in one man's opinion, poo truck driver is a fine and noble dream.

amiblu: Is there any dirty job that you would do if you stopped doing the show?

Mike Rowe: Of the jobs featured on the show there are several. The one I most often comment on when asked this question has yet to air. It was shot nearly a year ago in Hawaii. The job was taro puller. Taro is the key ingredient in poi. Poi is rather disgusting and, in my opinion, should not be deliberately consumed unless you are very hungry. However, pulling the taro root knee-deep in warm water in paradise is not a bad way to spend a day.

an39: Which job do you think was the hardest physically to do (not the most disgusting)?

Mike Rowe: It's a close race, but any of the following would qualify as an honest answer: indoor demolition, hot tar roofer, sludge remover, and two that have yet to air. The first is gandy dancer, which is railroad work. The second, which is the best example of brute work I have yet to encounter, is Malibu stream restoration. Many years ago, residents in the hills of Malibu, Calif., constructed large, concrete dams in the streams that ran through their property, creating watering holes. Unfortunately, steelhead salmon swimming up the stream from the Pacific are no longer able to reach their spawning grounds. Consequently, these man-made barriers need to be removed. The tools: a sledgehammer, a jack hammer, and wedges. Back-breaking, exhausting, unforgettable pain.

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