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posted: 04/11/12

It's hard to believe, but, while he READ everything on the boards, the lovable Barsky wasn't able to POST for some time. A couple of years, actually.

Don't ask.

Anyway, now he's back, and he's got lots to say. Read some of his answers to your questions here:

Question: Has the crew and Mike ever done a "dirty job" only to find out afterwards that you really thought, "Why did we do that?" Of all the jobs you have done, there's got to be few.

-- spudmuffin

Answer: Not really. I usually try to "kill" a shoot before we get there, and have done so several times.

I believe there is something unique or of value -- both educational and entertaining -- in all the jobs we've done.

-- Dave

Question: Wondering for insurance reasons if you guys are allowed to do "across border" shoots. I know by now you must be running out of ideas (hence the plea for public ideas). There's lots of nasty jobs up here in Canada -- i.e., igloo washer and penguin sexer (kidding ... it's hot as the inside of a cow's rectum today in Nova Scotia). Ever travel this way?

-- Sugarcat

Answer: We have on occasion, and a big one is coming up on Shark Week this year.

I love Canada.

-- Dave

Question: I am a South African living in Korea. I recently saw the episode where Mike and the crew went to KwaZulu Natal and visited a lady who cared for monkeys.

I was completely disgusted by her behavior. I would like to point out to all viewers of the show, that her rudeness and abrasiveness shocked even me.

She made me feel ashamed of being South African. I do sincerely hope that foreigners are aware that her behavior is NOT a reflection of the people of South Africa!

-- beesnees

Answer: Dawn, to say the least, was a character. But I really don't think you should worry about her representing anyone, or think that viewers will call anyone typical, based on location, gender or race, etc.

For the record, you may be happy to know she was from Zimbabwe, born when that country was called Rhodesia.

-- Dave

Question:  I love watching Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs. I just finished watching the coral reef episode that was filmed in Sarasota, Fla., my hometown where I live. My question is ... when and where did Mike and his crew film this scene at? I would really love to know.

-- Conster1114

Answer: On Central Avenue, in late January 2007.

-- Dave

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