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posted: 04/11/12
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"Dirty Mike Color Illustration" by tinnerman.

As you know, for 2008, we decided to make Mike a calendar consisting of portraits of himself created by you, the fans. We, including Mike, enjoyed looking at them all on the boards, including those that were posted on other sites because of technical difficulties on ours (sorry about that!).

Unfortunately, we couldn't choose all of them for our view-and-vote, which consisted of 20 selections that seemed to have the widest variety. And the portrait with the most votes by you, the viewers? The winner is, "Dirty Mike Color Illustration" by tinnerman.

As for Mike's choice, it was hard (trust us — we spent, like, two hours over two days live on the phone with him just going through them), but he chose "Many Faces of Mike" by natcusack, which he felt took a lot of work and really captured him (especially that image at the bottom left).

So, natcusack and tinnerman, congrats — we'll be contacting you for an address to send your signed Ts.

But we'll also be reaching out to the remaining 18 artists in the view-and-vote and sending you T-shirts as well, albeit not signed.

For the rest of you, know that we actually included pictures by just about every one of you who posted a portrait by Dec. 18, 2007. These modern online calendar-makers are crazy cool, and we were able to create collages of pictures for each month. And we not only made a calendar for Mike, we made one for Barsky and Mike's mom as well. (Because what mom wouldn't want a calendar of her son made by her son's fans?)

Thank you again, and keep posting those works of art — we'll continue to enjoy them!

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