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posted: 04/11/12
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Mike Rowe and the Meet Mike Sweepstakes winners

Theresa W. from Kentucky won the Meet Mike Sweepstakes and got a chance to visit the Dirty Jobs shoot "Ghann's Cricket Farm" in Augusta, Georgia. Hear what it was like to be on set and to meet Mike Rowe in person.

1. What was the most memorable part about your trip?

We turned it into a road trip and had a great time! We visited several beautiful Georgia towns along the Antebellum Trail, walked the scenic Riverwalk in downtown Augusta, and spent a day in historic Savannah. The highlight of the trip, of course, was the visit to Ghann's Cricket Farm with Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs crew. As I have pointed out to my friends and family, we hear about people who have won trips to Florida, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Europe, etc., but how many people have won a trip to a cricket farm? I think it is a singular honor, and I am thrilled to have won it! (After reading my answer, my sister, who was my traveling companion, insisted that I add that if forced to name the one most memorable moment of the trip, it would be when Mike took off his shirt at the farm. And, in retrospect, that was pretty memorable.)

2. What made the cricket farm a "dirty job"?

It was fast approaching 100 degrees in Augusta when we arrived at the cricket farm. Couple that heat with the requisite Georgia humidity, add 25 million crickets housed in cinderblock buildings with limited ventilation, and I think it qualified as a "dirty job," although "sweaty job" would have also been appropriate.

3. Has your view of Dirty Jobs changed.......

At our house, we've always been big Dirty Jobs fans, so that certainly hasn't changed. In fact, we're planning a party for the night that our cricket farm episode airs. We're serving dirty rice, mud pie, etc. I'll point out, however, that it's difficult to find cricket-themed party decorations.

I do have a new appreciation for how the program is produced. I was surprised at how few people make up the on-site crew and how informal the filming process was. It was fun to see that the camaraderie and humor that are such an integral part of each episode are for real and not just for the camera.

4. What was it like to meet Mike in person?

That's the question everyone I know has asked me. My answer? Mike is exactly who he appears to be on the program. He's warm, funny, gracious, generous and refreshingly genuine. There's not even a hint of any "prima donna" behavior. He spent a lot of time talking with us, and after only a minute or two, it was like talking with an old friend. I was also impressed in watching him interact with the owners and employees of the cricket farm. He immediately put everyone at ease and had an obvious respect for the people and their jobs. (Again, my sister would like to point out that he is better looking in person than on TV and I concur.)

5. If you could share one thing ...

When I found out that I had won the trip and could take one person with me to meet Mike, I really wanted to take my nephew, Patrick. Patrick introduced the rest of us in the family to Dirty Jobs. Unfortunately, Patrick is only 15 and there are rules forbidding minors on the set. Since we had turned it into a family trip, however, Patrick was with us in Augusta. When my sister and I arrived the morning of the cricket farm visit and met Mike and the crew for the first time, Mike asked about Patrick and I told him he was back at the hotel. Although, the cricket farm filming went well into the night, Mike had us come back the next morning with Patrick so they could meet. They sat and talked for over a half hour in the lobby of the hotel. He also gave Patrick the "Ghann's Cricket Farm" shirt he had worn during the filming. I was and continue to be completely blown away by what a kind and generous thing to do that was. It will be a special memory for Patrick forever.

We could not have scripted a better trip! Everyone from the Discovery Channel was wonderful, and Mike, Dave, Doug and the rest of the crew made it an experience we'll never forget.

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