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Mike Rowe

As we watch Mike wade through bat poop or stick his arm up places limbs just don't belong, most of us can't help but think, "Ugh. I wonder what's the grossest thing he's ever done?"

And of course, there's the inevitable, "Huh. What wouldn't this guy do?"

Well, Mike has answers to those queries and more.

Q: Is there any place you wouldn't go?

A:Yes, there are a few places I would not go. But mentioning them here would only result in Discovery Channel asking me to go there.

They monitor my every move ...

Q:Oh dear God. I hope you send your laundry out. You do send your laundry out, right?

A: No, I burn my clothes. Please.

Q: What's the general sentiment of dirty job workers you've met? Personally, the show has taught me when the chips are down, well, at least I can say my job isn't a sewer inspector or the Honey Truck operator!

A: It's surprising how many people come home from relatively "clean" jobs at the end of the day feeling bitter and miserable. Whereas the people I meet, by and large, seem really content with their lives, and happy with their dirty jobs.

FYI, the Honey Truck driver, a great guy named Les, used to be a psychiatrist. He quit his practice to clean septic tanks for a living.

Go figure.

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