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Mike Rowe

That's right — you asked. He answered. Mike put together his resume´ at the request of fans. See how his past job experience stacks up and be sure to check out his official bio too.


Host, Discovery Channel's DIRTY JOBS


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To work more jobs than anyone else on the face of the earth. To toil in every state. To labor as an apprentice with regular men and women, doing the kind of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. To laugh. To sweat. To collapse. To laugh some more. To prove that hard work and fun can sometimes co-exist.


Creator, Executive Producer and Host, Discovery Channel's DIRTY JOBS (2005 - present)

— Initiated a hands-on way to pay tribute to a nation of unsung heroes

— Conclusively demonstrated that fun and hard work are two sides of the same coin

— Confirmed the value of delayed gratification, sacrifice, hard work, good humor and optimism

— Launched hit show on the most trusted station in network television

— Sustained numerous injuries and multiple humiliations while performing the dirtiest jobs America has to offer

Projects in this role have included 200 Dirty Jobs and counting.



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