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Q: While watching the show, I had to wonder, how many times have you cursed through the filming? If it were me, they'd be doing a lot of censoring because I'd just lose it (the sewer inspection would've been the end of me — I hate bugs). Have you ever gone into a job and just thought "this is too much for me"?

A: I appreciate your question.

To be honest, I edit my !@%$#%@ vocabulary quite a bit. As you may know, the Discovery Channel frowns on bad language, unless of course, it's on American #%!@%$ Chopper.

As you correctly surmise, that sewer was a !@%$#%@ tunnel of torture, and that %@!%#$ toilet was a porcelain @#%! bowl of pure pain. Left to my own devices, last night's show would have unleashed from me a torrent of obscenity unmatched on cable TV. Did I want to curse? You bet your &*%!

Anyway, to answer your question, filming those segments was very difficult for all concerned, and it was only through an act of conscious willpower and professional responsibility that I was able to hold my !@%$#%@ tongue.



Q: Any thoughts on going international? Foreign dirty jobs should be at least as amusing as American ones. Like featuring miners from the Ukraine — a really dirty job! Plus, there's the language barrier factor that is always good for a chuckle.

A: Are you trying to kill me?

Actually, the original thought for DJ was international. I mean, why visit a 100-year-old sewer in San Francisco when I could help clean a 900-year-old sewer in Paris? The short answer, of course, is money. But you never know — DJ International does have a nice ring to it. We'll see. For now, there's enough dirt in the good old USA to keep me filthy.

Q: I think you have a background in singing too, right? Are you still involved with music in any way and what are some of your musical influences?

A: Who knew that dirt and culture were so closely linked? I've sung in maybe 15 different productions with The Baltimore Company, all standard repertoire. No major roles, just chorus work and some supporting stuff here and there. Last production was Tosca — 1989?

These days, I sing mainly at weddings and funerals. I still get together with some buddies who I used to preform with in an a cappella group, and enjoy singing four-part arrangements of old standards. This activity usually occurs on a boat, far out of earshot from innocent bystanders.

I don't know about influences, but I know what I like: Giacoma Puccini, Johnny Hartman, Norman Luboff, Anton Dvorak, The Mill Brothers, Leonard Bernstein, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Billie Holiday, Sly and The Family Stone, Pink Floyd, The Singers Unlimited, Jimi Hendrix and Hank Williams Jr.

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